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Measures taken by TSD in regards to the Corona virus

Tuesday, March 17, 2020 - We would like to ask your attention for the following. As the Corona virus is reaching more and more people and (precautionary) measures are strongly stimulated by the Dutch government, we would like to inform you about the preventive measures we have taken, in which the safety and health of people is our highest priority.

These measures will be applied up to the 6th of April unless interim adjustments are required and may be prolonged if deemed necessary.

Our employees work separately. Most TSD employees work from home and the employees who do work in the office have their own separate workspace. We are taking these steps to ensure continuity in our services while at the same time, keeping our team safe

Until April 6, 2020, our employees will not visit customers and we will not invite clients to our office. During this period we will assist you via remote online support. Using these facilities we can also perform other types of work for you. There are various options such as online training or remote consultancy, which may offer a solution to your consultancy needs. 

If we can support you, we are here to assist.

Your TSD team



  • 27 - 29 August 2020
    Boskoop, The Netherlands

  • 30 September - 2 October
    Zundert, The Netherlands