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WinTree® App - the Picking list function

Monday, March 4, 2019 - Launched today, the new Picking list function is now available in the WinTree® App. This App function makes the collaboration between office and nursery even more efficient.

Picking, collecting and loading orders – controlled via the App. Office and operational staff have the latest stock status, available in an instant, with simple communication through the App’s messaging screen. Forget paper notes– it’s all in your App.

The App function provides:

  • Collecting orders by customer or location
  • Simple communication between office, operations, nursery and dispatch
  • Instant views of current stock status and work schedules 
  • Make note of packaging per delivery
  • Manage loading after picking and collation
  • Efficient and streamlined processing in the office

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  • 27 - 29 August 2020
    Boskoop, The Netherlands

  • 30 September - 2 October
    Zundert, The Netherlands