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We pursue carefulness in our services. Also in managing our websites, therefore we maintain them with care. Actuality, accuracy and safety are used as important principles in website management. We can not guarantee the safe use of the publicly available websites that are under our control. Despite our carefulness, it is possible that incorrect or incomplete information is shown on the website(s). We can not be held accountable for this.
A link to another website can be included on our website. Such websites, that are not under our control, are there solely for informative purpose. We do not have influence on those websites and are not responsible for them.

All information shown on our websites are our property. Printing and/or saving information from our website may solely be done for personal purposes, unless explicitly agreed upon with us beforehand. We can not take responsibility for the way in which a customer interprets or uses the information provided on our website.

The way in which we handle privacy and important information about the Terms and Conditions within our services are included in the privacy statement and the Terms and Conditions TSD. These are shown on our website and can also be accessed through the link: Privacy statement or Terms and Conditions.

This disclaimer and website are subjected to the Dutch law. Any disputes in connection to this disclaimer are submitted to the competent court in the Netherlands.