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Privacy statement

1. How do we handle the data of our customers and/or visitors?

We consider privacy to be important and will it be respected at all times. Therefore, we handle the personal data that is available to us carefully. Data of our customers, visitors (of our websites) and others will be treated confidentiality. We take the General Data Protection Regulation with this into account.


2. What do we use the personal data for

Personal data is exclusively used by us in the context of the agreed activities to be executed and/or for the specific goal you have contacted us for. Unless explicitly agreed or on the ground of legal obligations, the personal data will never be shared with third parties.
When a contact- or comment form is used via the website, the entered data will only be used for executing the request or registration. The data can also be used in the future for sending information as well. For example, by sending a newsletter. On the contact-, comment-, or registration form, you can give us permission for this. Your permission can be retracted at every desired moment.


3. How long will we save personal data

Personal data will not be saved longer than necessary for executing the agreed activities or the goal for which someone contacted us. In case you indicated to (keep) getting (future) information, then the data will be kept in the system exclusively for this.

4. What do you need to know about the use of buttons to social media on our website?

On our website, buttons are included to be able to promote or share web pages on social networks. Such references are not managed by TSD and therefore we cannot exercise any influence on the effects of these buttons or links. In the privacy statements of the social media, you can read how they handle (personal) data.


5. What do we do with visitor- and click behaviour?

On the website, general visitor data is recorded. In the context of this, the IP-address of your computer, the possible username, the time of request and the data the browser of a visitors sends, are registered. This data can be used for statistical analysis of visitor- and click behaviour on the website. Besides this, we optimise our website with it. We attempt to keep this data as anonymously as possible and do not provide this data to third parties unless obliged by laws and regulations.


6. How do we make use of cookies?

A cookie is a small file that is sent with pages of this website and saved by your browser in the hard drive of your computer. Cookies are used by us to remember your settings and preferences. 

Cookies are also placed on our website by Google, as “Analytics-service”. This can be used to see for which purpose the website is used and for creating analysis and reports. Google can share this data with third parties if they are obliged legally or for third parties that process data on behalf of Google. We have no influence on this. For more information about the privacy policy and specifically the privacy policy of the Analytics, please visit the website of Google.


7. Is this privacy statement also applicable to other websites?

Via our website, other websites can be accessed by the means of clicking on a link. We do not have any influence on the websites of others and therefore we take no responsibility for this. On the websites of others you can, if present, look at their applied privacy statement. This privacy statement is exclusively applicable to websites that are under the management of TSD International. 


8. Can this privacy statement be altered?

We reserve the right to make alterations if ought necessary. We advise you to regularly view the privacy statement, so possible alterations do not remain unnoticed.


9. You always have the right to view your data!

If you want, it is possible to view the personal data we have of you. When this data is incorrectly, you can request us to alter this data. Personal data can also be deleted if requested by the person concerned. Such requests we will honour without a doubt, unless there is an obligation requiring us to keep the personal data.

Requests for viewing, correcting or deletion of personal data must be submitted in writing.


10. Where can you contact us for more information or a complaint?

When you have questions about the way we are handling privacy or a complaint concerning privacy, you can contact the Service organisation of TSD International stating ‘Privacy’.

Grote Voort 207
8041 BK Zwolle
The Netherlands

T: +31(0)38 850 50 50