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Working smart with all the possibilities of the software


A healthy business does not stand still. The people within these companies respond to changes, are open to improvements and often have the ambition to work as smartly and efficient as possible.

IT solutions have long been a ‘standard’ part of this. Automation, of which we come to expect more and more of and will therefore be continuously developed.

Continuing to work smart with our software and being aware of the current possibilities is actually essential. That is why we offer a range of specialized training courses. Tailored to specific needs and, as it turns out, with a range of knowledge that can immediately be used in the business processes. This is efficient and supportive.

Training for each user

We offer new software users a tailor-made training programme during the implementation period.

For existing users, we have a diverse programme with training courses to help you carry out specific tasks with the software. These training courses are for people of companies that are already working with our software.

If you have any specific questions or doubts about the best training for you and/or your colleague, we are happy to advise you.

The advantages of education from TSD