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TreeCommerce® Messenger

Trade communication for the tree nursery industry

TreeCommerce® Messenger

The digital highway for tree nursery products and the communication tool for this industry. TreeCommerce® Messenger offers a central place for managing, sending and receiving current offers with photos.

TreeCommerce® Messenger has become indispensable for many horticultural nurseries. It is extremely easy to use and can be used by anyone, regardless of the stock administration system they work with.

Trade Network

For companies that work with the WinTree® software, it is fully integrated and included as standard. Companies that work with another system can quickly upload the stock into the system via Excel.

The only thing you have to do is make a connection with trading companies that you allow to view your stock. This way, you can easily build up a trading network, where you remain in charge. Your stock is up to date, provided with a photo and an appropriate price, so that it can be offered in a targeted manner. This way, trading parties can purchase with the up most ease. TreeCommerce® Messenger offers you a platform which shows many potential customers to whom you can send your up-to-date-stock to, which results in an easier way to do business and more sales leads.


Simple overview

All the important information, such as details of your trading partners, the sent messages and the received order are clearly listed. The system is easy to operate and interactive for grower and buyer. It is easy to communicate using one clear message centre.

High speed communication with your trading network, that’s what you want!

The advantages of TreeCommerce®

A few companies that already use TreeCommerce® Messenger


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"Fast processing of supply information is crucial for us in this day and age. Our suppliers can process our purchases faster thanks to TreeCommerce® Messenger because they don't have manually enter the information anymore.”
Mr. G. Heideveld
Heideveld BV