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Meet our UK IT Services partner MNI Services (UK – IT Services, hardware products & support)

MNI Services are based in the UK and have provided IT support to UK and Ireland horticultural nurseries using the TSD software for over 15 years.

To provide TSD customers in the UK with the best possible service, not only with our software, but in its entirety, we recommend MNI Services for your IT services and support needs, a forward thinking, Microsoft service provider who is customer focused.

The partnership has been built from over 15 years of trust, working together for the greater good of our customers. MNI has expertise in all areas of IT, communication lines, firewall/security, servers on premise or in the cloud, service and support and a high level of knowledge of our WinTree® software.

As a Zebra registered reseller, they can advise, procure, and support your mobile devices for use of scanning, and printers to produce labels.

MNI Services brings solutions and knowledge from a myriad of business sectors that can benefit the horticultural sector.

If you need support, can use some help, or just want to have a no obligation chat about your requirements, they will be attending the Four Oaks trade show or feel free to contact them, details below:

MNI Services Ltd.
TEL: 01553 818520