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Stay connected with the WinTree® App

The WinTree® App is an extension of WinTree® software on your cellphone, with simple and easy-to-use functions. The App is linked to your WinTree® database so the most relevant and up-to-date company data is always at your fingertips, connecting the office and nursery with accurate and real-time data.

Checking stock, altering stock, having customer data at hand, taking a photo of an interesting batch and sending it directly to a customer, all in a very convenient way?
The WinTree® App is the answer.

The App offers the following functions:

  1. Contacts: All contact details from WinTree® are always available.
  2. Stock insight: Direct information about the current stock (including reservations) in a clear overview.
  3. Stock alteration: Make changes to your own stock directly from the nursery via the App.
  4. Picking list function (delivery): Collect and then load: organize and control via the App. With “Whatsapp-like communication” for optimal cooperation between nursery and office.
  5. Photo function: Take photos via the App and link them directly to the assortment or a batch.
  6. Packaging registration: Book incoming and outgoing packaging per customer or supplier.