Stay connected with the WinTree® App

The WinTree® App is an extension of WinTree® software on your cellphone, with simple and easy-to-use functions. The App is linked to your WinTree® database so the most relevant and up-to-date company data is always at your fingertips, connecting the office and nursery with accurate and real-time data.

Checking stock, altering stock, having customer data at hand, taking a photo of an interesting batch and sending it directly to a customer, all in a very convenient way?
The WinTree® App is the answer.

The App offers the following functions:

  1. Contacts: All contact details from WinTree® are always available.
  2. Stock insight: Direct information about the current stock (including reservations) in a clear overview.
  3. Stock alteration: Make changes to your own stock directly from the nursery via the App.
  4. Picking list function (delivery): Collect and then load: organize and control via the App. With “Whatsapp-like communication” for optimal cooperation between nursery and office.
  5. Photo function: Take photos via the App and link them directly to the assortment or a batch.
  6. Packaging registration: Book incoming and outgoing packaging per customer or supplier.

Gain a clear insight, with WinTree® software

Upgrading to WinTree® is simple and secure
Changing your software and management methods needn’t be painful, costly or ineffective. You can be up and running with WinTree® in no time. We help you make the changeover swiftly and seamlessly – from paper, spreadsheet or other software.

“In May, we scheduled a number of online training moments, which made it possible to go live with the software within 2 weeks in the month of June. From that moment on we have carried out all our daily activities via WinTree®.”
Henk de Bie, Tree nursery Richard de Bie [started in spring/summer of 2020]

With WinTree® you have the assurance of the most comprehensive software suite, tailored to your business processes. This includes the maintenance of relationship data, insight into stock movement and stock management, sales order administration and the delivery, invoicing and processing of returned products.

WinTree® CONNECT provides your business with an excellent combination and connectivity of your software within your working processes, in the office and outside in the field. TreeCommerce® Messenger is the digital communication platform that connects you with your customer and supplier. The WinTree® App provides a remote connection between the nursery, in the field and your officebased team.

WinTree® CONNECT includes a TreeCommerce® Messenger company account and an App license as standard. WinTree® CONNECT… connects!