• allgrowth Limited

    allgrowth Limited is a little different from your usual tree nursery in the UK (and not just because of it's lower case "a"). allgrowth is spearheaded by Peter Middlicott who has over 25 years' tree production ans supply experience gleaned from a number of the big hitters in the industry.

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  • Greenwood

    The Greenwood Group is a wholesale nursery group supplying plants, hedging, trees and landscaping supplies to the landscaping industry.
    Based on four production sites, two on the South Coast near Chichester and two in the North West in Cheshire, the company has been growing and trading for over 30 years.

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  • Cheviot Trees Limited

    “It’s the only piece of software we have where we feel it is genuinely helping our business develop. It is logical, intuitive and adaptable – we can change parameters to make things easier, either globally or per user, too.”

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  • Bron And Sons Nursery Company

    "Bron And Sons Nursery Company is one of the larger container growers in western Canada. We have over 100 acres in production and over 115 employees. We ship our plants right across Canada and into several states in the U.S.A. Bringing on new software is never an easy task for any company…especially when the software has been developed in Europe!!

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  • Nicholsons Nurseries Limited

    "WinTree® has clearly got great flexibility, allowing us to grow stock, move stock and adapt to customer, market and production demands."

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  • Four Oaks Nurseries Ltd.

    “For us, WinTree® has made the whole process smooth and swift” comments Griffiths. “We find it easy to use and anyone can get to grips with it with minimal training.” He goes on to commend the software on its “visibility and transparency”, allowing them to manage their stock and transactions from order input to invoice.

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  • Europlants Ltd.

    “All of our transactional paperwork and customer documentation are consistent and look very professional. Overall, we recognise the strengths and stability of WinTree® software and realise that there are many functions within it we are yet to uncover!”

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  • James Coles and Sons Nurseries Ltd.

    “The programme’s strengths as a nursery management system are immediately apparent – right through the sales order process and into the content and professional appearance of internal and external documentation.”

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  • Brentwood Moss Nurseries

    “We have found the WinTree® software has great flexibility, a factor which is paramount to contend with our rapidly changing market conditions and customer-specific demands.”

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  • Country Herbs and Plants Limited

    “Our business is now too complex to function without WinTree®! It means we can use agency staff effectively and allows us to give a clear structure to new starters. Picking accuracy is greatly improved and it saves re-inventing the wheel every day!”

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  • Plants Ltd.

    “We benefited immediately from the more robust, traceable and reliable data management that WinTree® afforded us,” says Blakey. “It streamlined and automated processes and greatly improved our documentation – and the ease in which we could generate it.”

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Botden & van Willegen boomkwekerijen Buxuskwekerij Piet Smits b.v. Country Herbs and Plants Ltd
Crowders Nurseries De Kuil Nurseries De Limieten
De Martelaer laanboomkwekerij De Peelkant Meijel B.V. Europlants UK Limited
Eurotree Boomkwekerijen Horst F. Kuiper B.V. Boomkwekerijen Fairplant b.v.
Flores in Terra b.v. Four Oaks Cash & Carry Fruit tree nursery Rene Nicolai nv
Gebr. Jonkers Elshout B.V. Gebr. Seuren Rozenkwekerijen B.V. Gebr. v.d. Nieuwendijik v.o.f.
Green Supply Greenlink Greensales Pieter van der Linden
Griffioen Wassenaar b.v. Groencentrum/Kwekerij De Vlieren Handelskwekerij Caucausia
Handelskwekerij G. Hoogenraad Hogendoorn Horticept
Huverba Boomkwekerijen Is. van Hassel Boomkwekerijen J. de Roover vaste plantenkwekerij
J. van Rulo Handelskwekerij v.o.f. J.D. Maarse & Zonen B.V. J.M. van Veen Handelskwekerij v.o.f.
James Coles and Sons Ltd Jos Frijns & Zonen bv Jan Boomkamp Boomkwekerijen
Jan Nieuwesteeg B.V. Kolster B.V. Kromhout B.V.
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Mart van Dijk Boomkwekerijen B.V. Michels-Classens boomkwekerij Mts. Elst-van Looveren
Nijland Siergroen Pannebakker & Co. Paul Strengers Export B.V.
Peters Belgian Outdoor Plants Planta Groencentrum Plantline Export Nurseries
Puik Tuincentrum B.V. Quick Hedge R&R van Rens Boomkwekerijen
Rijnbeek & Zoon B.V. Roelands Boomkwekerijen B.V. Roestenburg kwekerijen
Rosa Mundo B.V. Rosaco U.A. Rotjes Young Plants
S.J. Spijker B.V. SAP Holland SAP Nurseries
Sierplantenkwekerij Vanderlinden Special Plant Zundert B.V. Swinkels Sier- en Vruchtbomen
Tenax Tree-Plugs & Seeds Tijdens Boomkwekerijen Tonsel Boomkwekerijen
Themaplant B.V. v.d. Lockant Potcultuur Van den Berk Boomkwekerijen
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Working with TSD

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