The TSD Support Team

Customers' questions and support queries are submitted to the TSD Support Team by e-mail or fax. All queries are logged, repsonses investigated and returned initially by telephone or e-mail. If further investigation is required, a Support Team member can remotely and securely connect with a customer's network and individual computer, offering online interactive support. This connection can also be used for the installation of updates, patches or online demonstrations.

The questions posed to our Support Team are diverse and complex due to the intensity and pace of hardware and software development. In order to maintain the knowledge base of our employees at a high level, all of our Support Team members receive frequent and regular training.



Courses from TSD

The advantages:

  • No travel time.
  • Follow from your own workplace.
  • One subject at a time.
  • Simple and clear: maximum of one hour.
  • Directly applicable in your own software.
  • Cost efficient.