TreeCommerce®: Increase sales with minimum effort is the online communication platform for horticultural nurseries - a central hub for managing and sharing your stock lists and photos. It has been designed to be both easy to use and interactive by connecting with other trading and production nurseries.

TreeCommerce® provides a whole host of options to make your daily nursery trading easier. It gives you the chance to send tailor-made stock lists to selected customers. TreeCommerce® has a smart and intuitive system, making communication easier between trading partners. Traditional conflicts such as mismatched sizes and specifications are no longer a problem. All your data is securely stored in the Cloud and remains accessible anywhere, at any time. TreeCommerce® is available for a simple annual subscription.

Save time and money

With TreeCommerce®, sending stock lists including stock photos is now a fast and simple process. Manage and update customer-specific stock lists easily with all your data and communication centrally organized. Orders and call-ups can be effortlessly imported into WinTree® using the TreeCommerce® Messenger functionality. No need to manually type in your orders. Order handling has never been this easy!

Quick Overview

The TreeCommerce® platform has been created so that all the important data is visible in just one screen. All data regarding trade partners, sent messages, stock lists and any accompanying images are visible in one simple interface. 

Match your customers' needs
You cannow meet and exceed your customers' expectations. Stock lists can be sent in Excel formats or as a plain text or HTML email, the contents of which can be imported directly into your customers' database. 

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