WinTree® Officemanager

The power of WinTree® Office Manager: Instantly accurate customer information — every time.


Customer Relationship Management can be a complex subject, with many theories, beliefs and suggestions of best practice. With WinTree® Office Manager, we keep it simple: whatever you agree with your customers, suppliers and contacts is recorded, maintained and visible to the people who need to see it. You agree it - it happens!

There is often nothing more irritating than a supllier who does not remember you name, your telephone number and then you wait weeks for a response to your requests. Then, when you get a response, the information is wrong and no one at their office is informed enough to put things right. As a customer, you may not let them know about it - you will just go elsewhere.

WinTree® Office Manager helps you optimize your performance, enabling you to record what you have agreed with a contact and can alert you to every action you have agreed to undertake. You can see instantly what tasks are remaining and show details of other employees you may need to involve to successfully complete each action - follow-up calls, supporting emails, completing quotations etc. To maximise every opportunity, you need the right action at the right time and that is only possible if you have the most comprehensive and accurate information at your fingertips - with WinTree® Office Manager.